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I had a dream I was flying- From The Big House

This is an excerpt from a chapter in The Big House that I have wanted to share.
I am sure we all can relate to the harsh reality and bitter emotion that comes with waking from a wonderful dream, landing hard back into reality. Andy did this metaphysically, managing to turn his spiritual direction away from darkness and heading back to good using nothing but sheer free will and hope in his darkest moment.
It Follows:

Free Will

          I had a dream I was flying, the wind lifting me up, up, up and then I would float for awhile as I scanned the woodlands below. I was soaring alongside a ridge. I could see two motorcycles screaming down the old dirt road. My first thought was of my brother, Ben on his Green Machine, one of those bikes made for motocross. It was just another day in paradise. I recalled that feeling of total freedom and having nothing to do but ride. My mind was wide open, full of hope and the spirit of adventure. Lifted higher by the breeze, I could now see over the ridge and along the road that ran behind our house. I could see my house. The feeling was incredible! I was drifting effortlessly and the view was grand. My vision then shifted to a blazing carousel of lights. The colors originated from one bright source of white light. I wanted to fly in that direction.

          As I gazed into the light, the pain in my head arrested my senses and the colors dimmed. As my body wrestled for control of my mind, I felt pressure on the left side of my face. My vision corrected and I gradually left my grand flight to realize I was face down on the floor. Little white triangles around faded purple and red paisley shapes stretched in front of me. I was on the carpet. My head ached and my arm was numb from where I had been lying on top of it. As I came to, I recalled the girl’s body on the bed, long since dead. Fresh terror ran through me. I pushed myself to all fours and grabbed the table to help me to my feet. The world was spinning and I knew now that none of this was real. Just where was I?  The last thing I remember was being with Claudia, but reminded myself that it was all a dream. “Get a hold of yourself,” I demanded of my faculties.

Hope is most precious when used in the darkest moments, otherwise we would parish in the vicious funnel cloud of despair!

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Check out The Bowers House Writers Guild 2014 Anthology

Hey folks,

I am proud to have a poem and a short story published in the Bowers House Writers’ Guild 2014 Anthology!

The writers guild is out of Canon Georgia and consists of some very talented writers! They are always welcoming new writers.

Charles Prier and Ellen Davenport are the founders and run the Writers Guild and the Bowers House writers retreat respectively. It is an honor to be a part of this group! I am learning so much from their styles and we get to support each other and grow as writers together.

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An Interview with Author Robert Vasvary

From An Interview With Robert Vasvary, The Big House:

What life events contribute to the culmination of your first book?

My wife and I were living in TN and I was missing my mother who had passed a year prior. A year before that, we were in Tampa and I had a breakdown from taking a high stress permanent job in the Telecommunications Industry. We decided that life wasn’t worth living in stress and even though I had found “the” permanent job where I always wanted to live, the technology was killing me and we decided to move to TN and take the low road.
Some months later when my wife got pregnant, I was unemployed and could not find a contract. The joke was on me now! After 6 months the stress of survival now being upon me, I could not sleep and would wake up at 4am religiously and write until the sun rose, leaving me with a feeling I missed so much, hope! Many more sleepless nights later and still unemployed I was on a roll and the next thing I knew I was writing my first Novella, The Big House.
Robert Vasvary is the author of THE BIG HOUSE book series

Describe the changes that took place in your life after writing The Big House.
After each chapter of what started as a biography of my mother’s side of the family, I was inspired to the point that each new revelation would send chills throughout my brain and body and I that was when I discovered my true passion, to become a writer. Writing enables me to rise above the mundane everyday chaos and spiritually lift me out of the muck and extract my core spirit. It feels like my soul is singing from release of my physical constraints. This book is not only my legacy for my son on behalf of the Dotson family, but my release from the confines of survival and makes me want to share my unique perspective of the world and all its’ beauty. Everyone has a voice and a gift and I can only hope I finally found mine. I am well underway with the sequel to The Big House, “Circles of Harmony” and plan to write more of this psychological fantasy fiction thriller, taking it as far as I can.

The Big House – The Beginning

I started writing when my son was conceived. Since my mother had recently passed leaving no living relatives on her side of the family, I wanted to describe my mother’s family legacy. What started as a biography of my mother’s side of the family and their old abandoned family house quickly turned into a fantasy fiction. I took my real life experiences of my home town and used my imagination to create an adventure that I could share with my son and teach him some of the valuable lessons I had learned in life and share the family history as well.
Writing is a scapegoat from the daily grind and helps me tap into my inner self. Being an Electrical Engineer by trade, I have found that technology starves my creative side and when I allow my “ID” to play, my creative side leaves me feeling alive and balanced. Without this I have found that life becomes laborious and boring. I write to express my love of life and keep my spirits up! I can only hope that I have the same effect on my readers.
The Big House Cover

THE BIG HOUSE illustrator, Charlie Read

Buy the Big House Book
Robert Vasvary’s, THE BIG HOUSE
I have never had so much fun illustrating a book.

I have usually started with freehand drawings or pen and ink but when Robert Vasvary pitched me his story, I knew right away it had to have a surreal style. It had to seem real. After reading the book a few times, I knew it would eventually be a movie and so I started creating storyboards for a screenplay. What evolved was a combination of photos I had taken being inserted over each other into layers and often purchasing a key stock photo for my needs. I was able to create a photo manipulated dreamworld in which my characters would scream real! I think people are going to love seeing what might be a tad off reality at first, then, when the eye meats the impossible 360 degree views and floor to ceiling inclusions in some of them, they freak, or at least that is what I was shooting for. I just could not imagine doing justice to lions chasing a kid down a marble staircase in a mansion with my cartoonish tradmark handicraft, but I certainly moved a lot more pixels around and on multiple layers to make it capture reality in an unrealistic environment, more than anyone pushing oils has to. This drawing job was a trip. I can’t wait to start on Robert’s second book, Circles of Harmony,in 2014.

written by Robert Vasvary
This is the cover art for THEBIGHOUSE, illustrated by Charlie Read