THE BIG HOUSE illustrator, Charlie Read

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Robert Vasvary’s, THE BIG HOUSE
I have never had so much fun illustrating a book.

I have usually started with freehand drawings or pen and ink but when Robert Vasvary pitched me his story, I knew right away it had to have a surreal style. It had to seem real. After reading the book a few times, I knew it would eventually be a movie and so I started creating storyboards for a screenplay. What evolved was a combination of photos I had taken being inserted over each other into layers and often purchasing a key stock photo for my needs. I was able to create a photo manipulated dreamworld in which my characters would scream real! I think people are going to love seeing what might be a tad off reality at first, then, when the eye meats the impossible 360 degree views and floor to ceiling inclusions in some of them, they freak, or at least that is what I was shooting for. I just could not imagine doing justice to lions chasing a kid down a marble staircase in a mansion with my cartoonish tradmark handicraft, but I certainly moved a lot more pixels around and on multiple layers to make it capture reality in an unrealistic environment, more than anyone pushing oils has to. This drawing job was a trip. I can’t wait to start on Robert’s second book, Circles of Harmony,in 2014.

written by Robert Vasvary
This is the cover art for THEBIGHOUSE, illustrated by Charlie Read

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