The Big House – The Beginning

I started writing when my son was conceived. Since my mother had recently passed leaving no living relatives on her side of the family, I wanted to describe my mother’s family legacy. What started as a biography of my mother’s side of the family and their old abandoned family house quickly turned into a fantasy fiction. I took my real life experiences of my home town and used my imagination to create an adventure that I could share with my son and teach him some of the valuable lessons I had learned in life and share the family history as well.
Writing is a scapegoat from the daily grind and helps me tap into my inner self. Being an Electrical Engineer by trade, I have found that technology starves my creative side and when I allow my “ID” to play, my creative side leaves me feeling alive and balanced. Without this I have found that life becomes laborious and boring. I write to express my love of life and keep my spirits up! I can only hope that I have the same effect on my readers.
The Big House Cover

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