An Interview with Author Robert Vasvary

From An Interview With Robert Vasvary, The Big House:

What life events contribute to the culmination of your first book?

My wife and I were living in TN and I was missing my mother who had passed a year prior. A year before that, we were in Tampa and I had a breakdown from taking a high stress permanent job in the Telecommunications Industry. We decided that life wasn’t worth living in stress and even though I had found “the” permanent job where I always wanted to live, the technology was killing me and we decided to move to TN and take the low road.
Some months later when my wife got pregnant, I was unemployed and could not find a contract. The joke was on me now! After 6 months the stress of survival now being upon me, I could not sleep and would wake up at 4am religiously and write until the sun rose, leaving me with a feeling I missed so much, hope! Many more sleepless nights later and still unemployed I was on a roll and the next thing I knew I was writing my first Novella, The Big House.
Robert Vasvary is the author of THE BIG HOUSE book series

Describe the changes that took place in your life after writing The Big House.
After each chapter of what started as a biography of my mother’s side of the family, I was inspired to the point that each new revelation would send chills throughout my brain and body and I that was when I discovered my true passion, to become a writer. Writing enables me to rise above the mundane everyday chaos and spiritually lift me out of the muck and extract my core spirit. It feels like my soul is singing from release of my physical constraints. This book is not only my legacy for my son on behalf of the Dotson family, but my release from the confines of survival and makes me want to share my unique perspective of the world and all its’ beauty. Everyone has a voice and a gift and I can only hope I finally found mine. I am well underway with the sequel to The Big House, “Circles of Harmony” and plan to write more of this psychological fantasy fiction thriller, taking it as far as I can.

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